How Do I Book Lessons? When Are You Open? Where Are You Located?

That's all on this website.

Can we share lanes?

All archers have their own lanes and either our rental equipment or your own.

Do I have to have do "Try Archery"?

If you are brand new to archery, or have shot before but not at X10 and don't have your own equipment, or it has been over a year since your last visit and do not have your own equipment - YES, you will be required to attend Try Archery. Safety is our priority, and then getting you to a level of proficiency where you will have fun.  Please keep in mind that there is a no-show, no-refund policy, and cancellations must be done within 24 hours. Thank you for understanding to help us keep the lanes open for our new archers!

My child is 5. Can they shoot archery?

X10 Policy is that any child younger than 12 years old must take at least a private lesson (possibly more, at the instructor's discretion) before being allowed to use the open range. You can book a lesson for as young as 6 years old. However, be aware that the instructor will advise you if the child is ready for archery or not. Some children are more mature than others, and decisions are made on a case by case basis. If you book a lesson and we have to cut it short for safety or other reasons, pertaining to the child's ability, the full lesson fee is still payable.

What can I expect in private lessons?

Students will have one-on-one coaching. This is suggested for one first time student before joining a group, or for the serious archer who wants to get the competitive edge. 

What can I expect in group lessons?

Students will be in a group of no more than six students of a similar age and skill level. This is suggested for friends, family or students who excel in a group environment (that will be most archers). This is a great way to learn about other archery equipment, watch other archers, and build your archery family network! Individuals are required to take at least two private lessons before joining a group.

What is JOAD? 

Junior Olympic Archery Development. This is a USA Archery program that gives archers, between the ages of 8-20, the opportunity to develop their skills in a tournament style environment, while earning achievement pins. There are separate lanyards for barebow, recurve, compound and for indoor and outdoor series. This is a time for learning, earning achievement awards and instruction. Archers must have completed a beginner's program, Explore Archery, or have taken at least four private lessons at our Academy, prior to participating. Bows used are usually Mathews Genesis or Samick Polaris recurve bows. Students may bring their own equipment, which will be checked over by a club coach. For more information, visit the JOAD page.

What is AAP? 

Adult Archery Program. Just like JOAD, it is a USA Archery program that gives adult archers the opportunity to develop their skills and experience a tournament style environment, while earning achievement pins. There are separate lanyards for barebow, recurve, compound, trad and for indoor and outdoor series. Archers are recommended to bring their own equipment.

My student tried archery at camp, does that qualify for the open range or JOAD? 

As much as this hurts to say... no, it does not qualify a student for JOAD or shooting on the open range. While most camps will have covered safety very well, which is the first, and most important thing that is taught in archery, it cannot be guaranteed that the safety briefing will have been up to the standard that we expect and enforce on the archery range. Also, most students will not have received enough tuition on archery form to be able to compete competently at JOAD. This would be a disservice to the student and the other JOAD archers. To this end, we do require ALL JOAD archers to have completed the Explore Archery program (at least once, and sometimes recommended twice...) or have taken private lessons from a USA Archery certified coach. No exceptions.

Can I use my own bow? 

Archers are encouraged to use their own equipment, if they have it. However, all equipment will be checked by a club coach prior to use. With this in mind, please don't rush out to buy a bow. Consult with a coach before making a purchase as it is often the case that incorrect decisions are made. Let us help you spend your $ wisely!

I'm ready to buy my own bow. What should I get? 

Our common answer to that is, "how long is a piece of string?". It just depends. The question we ask prospective archers or those about to make their first purchase is, "what do you want to do with archery?". This usually leads to blank stares. Our prompts are: Competitive archery? Hunting? Just for fun? Do you like the look of recurves or compounds? There are so many factors that will determine the way forward for the first time or relatively new archer. The second question we ask is, "What's your budget?". We will work with you, showing the best equipment possible within your budget.

For more information and help with ordering contact us for a consultation. 

What distances will I be shooting? 

Private lesson students will be shooting at distances between 5m - 18m indoors or 10m - 70m outdoors. Dependant on skill level.

Indoor JOAD distances are 9m and 18m. 

Outdoor JOAD distances vary from 15m - 70m.

Indoor AAP distances are 18m. See the 

Outdoor AAP distances vary from 30m - 70m. 

What does X10 Academy membership get me?

VIP access to the range at all times. 

Access to JOAD/AAP.

JOAD/AAP awards and lanyards. 

Equipment rentals on higher-tier plans.

X10 pins and stickers.

Are you aware that X10 is trademarked by Easton? 

Yes! In doing due diligence, we did not even apply for a DBA until we had contacted Easton's legal department to get their permission to use the name. Not only did we get their blessing to use the term X10, but we also received an email from Easton Technical Products President, Mark Pezzoni with good wishes for the new business.

Is X10 connected to any of the previous archery businesses or people that were at the same location?

No. Not whatsoever.

Can I carry a handgun at X10?

LTC holders may carry a handgun at any time. While we allow open carry, please keep in mind that we have many youth attend our Academy. Please use your best judgment and be mindful that a concealed carry may become visible while you are shooting your bow. 

Are discounts available?

X10 Academy members, military, law enforcement, first responders, students, and seniors over 65 can enjoy 10% off. Please present a valid I.D. to receive the discount.