Earn PE Credits with Us!

At X10 Archery Academy, we're proud to offer a unique opportunity for students to earn Physical Education (PE) credits through the sport of archery. As an approved Independent School District (ISD) provider*, our program meets educational standards and provides an exciting alternative to traditional PE activities. Students can look forward to mastering precision, focus, and self-discipline, all while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow archers in a supportive environment.

Participants in our program also gain valuable life skills such as patience, goal setting, and resilience, as well as having access to our other programs. Our experienced USA Archery certified coaches ensure a safe, fun, and rewarding experience for all skill levels. Join us at X10 Archery Academy, where education meets adventure, and discover a passion for a lifelong sport!

X10 Archery Academy is Approved by the following Houston area I.S.Ds*:

Programs start at the beginning of the school year and must be approved by the athletic director for your district. Each district has its own approval process. We will work directly with the district to ensure that program expectations and standards are met, prior to approval. 

If your district is listed: Please contact the athletic director for your district to start the approval progress for each student who wishes to enroll. Listed districts are those we have worked with previously. Additional or renewed approvals may be required.

If your district is not listed: Please contact the athletic director for your district to initiate the process for X10 Archery Academy approval, before the end of the previous school year.

X10 Archery Academy PE Credit contact
Lynda Whitehead

PE Credit Athlete Checklist

District program expectations can vary and are usually 5 or 15 hour commitments per week. 

How will the athlete spend their time?