Life Skills Classes

Spearheaded by our Founder, Lynda Whitehead, a seasoned "prepper" for many years, our Life Skills programs are designed to bring additional skills and knowledge that can be used practically and can develop deeper critical thinking. From emergency preparedness and sustainable living to effective communication and stress management, our classes will provide you with fun and informative knowledge that you can use in your daily life.

Many of our life skills classes will be included at no extra cost to X10 Archery Academy members. Non-members will be able to attend classes for a nominal fee.

We are in the programming phase, working with organizations who have curriculums in place and/or have the skills we need to be able to teach these classes.

Visit the SCHEDULE page and select "Life Skills Classes" to view current programming.

Are you a specialist in an area that could be considered a life skill?  Visit the GET INVOLVED page to reach out to us.

We are partnering with organizations who specialize in areas that we wish to share with our community. 

We are grateful to:

Class Topics