Collegiate Archery Resources

Competition Divisions


Allowed Equipment:

Olympic Recurve

Allowed Equipment:

Fixed Pins

Allowed Equipment:


Allowed Equipment:

There are also Para Collegiate divisions!

Recurve Open

Compound Open

W1 & V1

Competition Formats


60 arrow round @ 18 meters

3 arrows per round for 20 rounds


72 arrow round

6 arrows per round for 12 rounds


20 arrow round

Targets vary distance

Why Collegiate Archery?

Athlete Testimonials

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Student Life

Competing in archery helps your student to get involved from the beginning and gives them a group of people with similar interest outside of their major. It is a great way to get plugged in on campus and to make lifelong friends and memories, both with their own team and with students from other teams around the country at competition. Make sure to check out the various websites and social medias for teams at potential schools to learn more about their culture and what might make their team a great fit!


There are various scholarship opportunities available based on the type of program the school is. Some programs are able to offer athletic/club scholarships to the athletes.

Understanding Club vs Varsity Programs

All collegiate archery programs compete under USA Archery. However, some individual conferences have begun to recognize archery as a varsity sport, leading to more funding and scholarship opportunities for various programs. Whether your prospective team is a club at your school or a varsity sport, you still compete in the same competitions and divisions. One key difference between club and varsity archery teams is the time commitment/requirements. Many club programs make travel for competition optional, while varsity programs will require a higher time commitment outside of class for travel.




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