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Our membership options are designed for everyone from the hunter or recreational archer, to the high level competitor who is reaching for the stars. Choose from our options below or talk to to a team member about the best plan for you. Scroll for membership FAQs.

New to archery, or you need to use our equipment? You will need to complete a Try Archery class to unlock full range access with your membership. We look forward to starting you on your archery journey! 

* USA Archery RECREATIONAL membership is required to attend Thursday night JOAD/AAP without Achievement Awards

** USA Archery FULL ACCESS membership is required to receive Achievement Awards.

*** Periodic paid educational classes are offered at X10 Academy. Included in Olympian plans.


THANK YOU for supporting X10 Archery. The home of X10 Academy, the premier archery learning academy in the state of Texas.

All memberships are for named family members, and cannot be transferred.

Membership of X10 Archery means being part of our family. That and USA Archery affiliation with X10 Academy is a privilege. We expect our members to carry themselves accordingly at all times. We reserve the right to cancel membership and/or affiliation at any time, without notice. 




Are you a hunter or recreational archer with your own gear?

The Carbon plan in our Shooter Tier is for you. Unlimited access to the range plus loyalty points! 


Are you interested in competition, from beginner level through elite? But can’t commit to weekly lessons?

Choose White, Black or Blue in our Athlete Tier for range access with equipment for 1 to 4 archers. Includes access to our USA Archery JOAD/AAP club, loyalty points, and swag!


Are you interested in weekly lessons, don’t want to attend JOAD/AAP, and don’t need range access?

Choose Red or Yellow in our Athlete Tier for lessons only. The 2,3 & 4 options denote the USA Archery certification level of your coach. 


Are you interested in training at a high level, can commit to regular practice, JOAD/AAP, and weekly lessons?

Choose Bronze, Silver or Gold in our Olympian Tier. L3 and L4 denote the level of the USA Archery certification level of your coach.


Remember - you can always ask a team member if you are still unsure. :)




Can I change plans?

Absolutely. Email with change requests.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel through your own PayPal account or email with your cancellation request. 48 hours notice must be given before your next subscription payment is due. You can also suspend your membership for up to 3 months for travel or taking a break. Your membership will remain valid for the remainder of the paid month. We do not refund or pro-rate paid subscriptions.


When does the subscription renew?

On the same day each month. e.g. If you signed up on the 8th, it will renew automatically on the 8th of each month.


If my membership plan includes lessons, how do I schedule those?

Great question! Email or talk to a team member in-store.


What is X10 Swag?

Pins, stickers, and armguards while supplies last.


What are loyalty points?

Earn $1 for every $100 spent in-store. There is no limit and can be redeemed at any time in-store. Canceling your membership will forfeit any unused loyalty points. Your points will remain in your account if you opt to suspend your account for the maximum 3 month period.


Is USA Archery membership mandatory with an X10 membership?

No. However, USA Archery membership is required if you are participating in JOAD/AAP. You will need a FULL ACCESS USA Archery membership for JOAD/AAP participation and Achievement Awards. You can participate in JOAD/AAP with a RECREATIONAL USA Archery membership, but you will not receive the Achievement Awards.

You will be required to enter your USA Archery membership number on the scoresheets when you participate in JOAD/AAP.


Please remember to select X10 Academy as your affiliated club when you sign up with USA Archery.


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